Rebuild page 4

5/04/2004 The second part of the restoration has begun.

To get to Normandy in June, various bits and pieces will have to be taken that will not fit in the Jeep itself (excluding Sandra). A trailer has therefore been acquired. This is a Luther Jordan dating from 1955, but is apparently an exact copy of a 1942 Bantam trailer. This is going to receive the same treatment as the Jeep had, and hopefully on completion will pass close inspection for a Bantam. It is shown loaded on Bob's trailer ready to be taken for sandblasting prior to receiving a new coat of paint.

Having sandblasted the trailer the metal was found to be in very good condition requiring no filling or repair work. Undercoat and red oxide primer went on before the final coat. The wheels were stripped down and the bearings found to contain solidified grease that may be of 50s vintage. These were cleaned out with petrol and fresh grease applied.

The markings have been confirmed as being appropriate to this vehicle to within + or - 50 vehicles of number 55. So out with the paint and on with the markings.

14/04/2004 And here is the trailer a week later complete with new paint job and canvas.

And here it is mated up with the Jeep. Just the electrics to sort out on the trailer before it is finished. This will be an easy job for John Davies to complete. What then? A GMC? I think there may be more to come.

17/4/2004 Here it is complete with markings, tools and canvas. The whole project has taken just 10 weeks form start to finish. What a result!


Since the rebuild was completed, the Jeep has been taken to the Normandy celebrations, where a replacement gearbox was bought. This turned out to be a poor investment, however with some swapping of parts and rebuilding others, Jon Newbould has managed to rebuild a gearbox. Here it is waiting to be fitted to the Jeep.