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Bedford MWR

Built originally in 1944 it was used as a radio truck. However the radio gear was removed when it joined Eastern Command. It carries the markings of the Royal Army Service Command. It has a 6 cylinder engine with a four speed gearbox. It has two wheel drive. The owner says it drives like a "brass bedstead".

Nuffield Jeep

This is an unusual looking Jeep as it has a shorter wheelbase than a standard Jeep. It was designed for airborne use, and according to an article in Classic Military Vehicle was built in 1943 by the Nuffield Mechanizations and the Wheeled Vehicles Experimental Establishment. However there only appears to have been one ever produced. This is an exact copy of that prototype, though whether this is the same reproduction that appeared at War and Peace, as mentioned in the article, I am not yet sure. I will investigate further with the current owner. It is in the process of being restored at the moment, requiring rewiring to complete the job. The photo is about 10 years old, and the Jeep has deteriorated a little since then, but it is nearly back to its former glory.

After some work, the Nuffield Jeep has now made a public appearance at our own event at Hornby Castle, and very nice it looks.

Gaz 69(M)

Martin's tastes vary from the norm of American military vehicles. He prefers the other side of the old Iron Curtain for his vehicle. This Gaz was made in 1957 and is marked up in Czechoslovakian colours. It is shown here in the military area of the Chipping Steam Fair, May 2004. It was made in the Gorky plant in the old USSR. It uses a 2112cc side valve engine with a three speed gearbox and two speed transfer box. It manages, at the best, 20 miles per gallon. It has selectable four wheel drive. The vehicle is primarily a troop carrier and can carry six in the back and two in the front. One unusual feature of this vehicle is the blowlamp carried in the box at the back. This can connect to the sump to unfreeze it.

It was rebuilt in 1998 in Manchester from the ground up, though it was actually bought in Lockerbie, Scotland. Martin added the Czech markings to match the plates fitted inside the cab. Unusually for an Eastern block vehicle this is fitted with a heater.


One of the latest acquisitions is this immaculate looking Jimmy. The 352 is the short wheel based version of this famous wartime truck, designed exclusively for towing artillery. Bob collected this from Colchester and met up with Dave at a Motorway service station, who bought a hard top 353 on the same weekend. This truck is fitted with a 270 cu in 6 cylinder petrol engine with a 5 speed crash gearbox.


The 353 has the same engine and gearbox as the 352 but a longer wheelbase. This example also has a hard roof whereas others had a canvas top.


A more modern day version of the GMCs. The example shown above is an M35A1 2.5 ton cargo truck, fitted with a 7.5 litre turbocharged multifuel engine that is very distinctive with its turbo whine. First registered in 1959, it was overhauled by U.S. army in 1986. The markings represent the Vietnam era (8th group transport 47th transportation battalion). They are commonly called REOs but were built by lots of different firms. Not bad to drive when you get used to it (noisy and no power steering). Neil from the East Lancs Railway is in the passenger seat.

Chevrolet Dump Truck

Believe it or not these photos are of the same vehicle, but taken with different cameras. Anyway, this is the latest addition to the group's fleet. Tim has just finished restoring a Chevrolet dump truck and it's first outing was to virtually our last meet of the year (2004).

Mack NM8

Richard's Mack was restored from a fairly sorry state. Many new parts including the wood making up the rear cargo bay and new canvas for the seats had to be made. It is fitted with a diesel engine.

Ford Jeep

This Jeep belonging to Peter Morgan has been fitted with an A frame at the front to enable it to be towed behind a Bedford (photo to follow hopefully). Normally the A frame was used to link a couple of Jeeps together to tow large artillery pieces.

GMC with 8 set

Dennis Sexton's Jimmy is fitted with what I am told, is an 8 set. This is the structure sticking out of the back of the truck and is used as an engine hoist. Unfortunately it was at the wrong end of the vehicle when the engine in the truck itself needed lifting out.

Willys Jeep

Coming all the way from Shropshire, John Le Page is now the owner of a Willy MB. Some work is required to make it safe for the road, but I expect it will not take long to complete.

Willys Jeep

Paul Waterworth has completed the restoration of his Jeep with a 50 calibre machine gun on an M31 mount. The vehicle has been traced back to December 1943 based on its chassis number. Another worthwhile addition to our group, modeled by our own Private Benjamin.