Humber Pig Restoration

On another page our Secretary, Tony, is restoring a Saracen Armoured Car. He is also involved in the restoration of a close stablemate, the Humber Pig. The Pig as it is known is more correctly labeled the Humber Armoured Personnel carrier FV1609/FV1611. It was built due to insufficient numbers of the Saracen Armoured Car in the 1950s.

Here are some views from the outside, and looking into the passenger are that could hold six passengers, in addition to the 2 crew members.


Views here of the steering gear, a pile of bits (though I'm sure Tony will tell me what they are in due course), and views of the engine bay that houses a Rolls Royce B60 in-line 6 cylinder engine developing 120bhp.

The underside shows the fore and aft cross-members.