Events (2016) pt 4

Wind-down Ye Horns

Although I couldn't attend this event other than to grab a meal on Saturday night, many did. The main event of the weekend was the run out on the Saturday arranged by Ian McCormack. Here is his report and a collection of photographs from Ian and Dale/Dean (I still can't tell them apart).

As is now traditional, the end of season crank down at Ye Horns Inn gave an opportunity for the hardier members of the group to explore the wild blue yonder of South Cumbria and North Lancashire – patrolling the territory as it were.

With the shortening days of autumn, a plot was hatched at the October monthly meeting to make a last effort to recreate last year’s passes run before the cold days and dark evenings made it impractical.

Ignoring the forebodings of the doom-mongers and naysayers, a hardy band of jeep riding adventurers prepared to set off – Jon, Susie and Julia, Dale, Dean and Mark, Jonathan, Boyan and Alex, Ian McC, Howard and Di and…where’s Keith and Celanie?? Then, at the last moment, before the convoy swept off in a cloud of exhaust fumes, Keith arrived having had to make a quick swap from a MUTT with a wonky wheel to his Willys. Hurrah – a full complement of 5 jeeps and off we go.

A quick run up the A6 and M6 (to avoid the horrors of the Lancaster traffic system) soon got everyone to the Lakes where a pit stop was taken at Newby Bridge. Refuelled and refreshed, everyone took to the road once more and onto the more interesting bits of the route.

At Duddon Bridge, the A roads were left behind for a run towards Ulpha and over the wilds of Birker Fell. Stopping at Eskdale Green, roofs were removed and screens lowered ready for the challenge of the passes.

First gear engaged and the jeeps scampered up the twisting 1 in 3 hairpin ascent to the Roman Fort for a well-earned picnic lunch, the ladies partaking of a glass or two of Prosecco don’t you know.

Suitably FORTified (I’ll get me coat…) it was onwards and very much upwards over the steepest road in Britain (Google it) whereupon the sun came out, illuminating some of the most fantastic scenery in the world.

No stranded camper vans this time so everyone was able to travel sedately on their way admiring the view with just a surprise chance encounter with fellow MVTrs Eddie and Rebecca in Ed’s Jeep Wrangler who’d come for a day out in the Lakes (and were good enough to pull to one side of the road to let everyone through).

Down off the passes, the narrow lanes through Little Langdale brought their own challenges of an increased number of vehicles coming the other way, many of whom seemed to assume that it was their road and weren’t keen on moving over to let others get by. The ferry over Windermere was an interesting diversion but the crew wouldn’t entertain the notion of stopping it short of the landing stage, dropping the ramp and letting the jeeps recreate D-Day. Spoilsports!

Exiting the Lakes via the beautiful Lyth Valley, Brigsteer and Levens, the M6 and A6 led back to base at Ye Horns with a welcoming fire, foaming ales and good company.

150 miles through some of the best countryside in Britain – what could be better?

As a wise man in the group summed up “Great day out. No one died”.

Altcar Military Training base

Operation Viking was a trial run to see how successful a fund raising event would be for the Altcar PODS project. The fund is used to build Pods for use by ex service staff as part of a recuperation process when suffering from stress. Members of the MVT from around the region attended and made it a very well attended show, from a vehicle perspective. It was agreed a little more publicity will be needed if the event is run again to attract the public. We were given a tour of the facility, and fed and watered, a nice gesture that is always much appreciated. The following pictures give a flavour of the place. A total of 850 was raised.

Poppy Collection for the RBL

Our group attended a couple of collecting points to help raise money for the RBL. In the North, a group met in Kendal to collect for the charity, while further south a few weekends were taken up with posts at Forton service station on the M6. This was followed up by a meeting at the Kirklands & Catterall Memorial Hall for a Remembrance Sunday service and the obligitory Pie and peas.