Events (2015) pt 2

Hull Veteran's Day

Ian Coats provided a brief report on the Hull Veteran's Event: "Along with Boyan & Jonathon we attended the Hull veterans' Day Weekend in East Park in Hull. This huge event was very well attended with re-enactors from the Viking period, Wild West settlers, Great War cavalry, WWII, and modern groups. The event was well organised with stalls, amusements, clean loos, food stalls, and wall to wall veterans of various conflicts. The battles each day were very well planned but unfortunately I was killed early on..... The only complaint I have is that dogs were not allowed with stalls and re-enactors although the public dogs were welcome. In the event there were several re-enactors' dogs and stallholders' dogs. Overall a good event but a long way to travel in horrendous traffic and/or torrential rain." Thanks Ian.

Pennine 40s Weekend

The Pennine 40s weekend is held at the Church Inn up above Uppermill on the Saddleworth Moor. I was with my Land Rover 110 so has to join the Post War Vehicle event several yards away at the Cross Keys Inn. Although separated by a small wood, the people do mix so it makes for a very good weekend. The post war vehicles were mainly Austin Champs from the Austin Champ Owners Club and a few Land Rovers. A campsite was available with a fantastic view over the moors. The Post War vehicles went on a run on the Saturday that took us to Holmfirth, home to the Last of The Summer Wine crew, and the Carding Shed Auto Museum where we headed for a brew and bite to eat. The Cross Keys played host to our evening meal which was very nice and well presented.

At the Church Inn music, dancing and singing entertained the crowd while they looked around the 40s vehicle that included a restored Cromwell tank, one of only two still running in the world, or so I'm told. It looked and sounded excellent. Slightly fewer in number than last year but it clashed with people setting off for the War & Peace Show so it was no surprise. The event is in a vary nioce location and caters well for both wartime and post war vehicles. Don't miss it next year.

Pennington Hall Park, Leigh

Our group were invited to the first Pennigton Hall Park Veteran's Day event, organised by the local council with a lot of encouragement from Fenton's Surplus store. I met with Barry, Dave Fellows, George and Norman at Rivington Services before heading into Leigh. Guided by Norman's GPS, we arrived at the home of one of the Fenton family, clearly we were working on the wrong post code. Tanker Dave saw us and tagged on the end as we headed for the wrong address. Luckily the park was a couple of roads away so we parked up to enjoy the day. The sun shone and the public in Leigh responded. They turned out in their thousands. There was entertainment from a Pipe Band that marched around the park, a George Formby tribute band - well there were about seven of them playing at any one time so I suppose it was a band. Stalls were set up supporting a number of military charities and a large collection of military clothing from Fenton's themselves.

Lunch was provided by the organisers which was a thoughtful touch, though there was a cafe and ice cream van if something different was wanted. We provided a varied display with a couple of Jeeps, a Land Rover 110, a Lightweight Land Rover, a Hillman staff car and a very shiny civilian Rolls Royce. Other veicles were there with Fenton's providing a FV432, and as part of Frank and Angela's gun display there was a collection of Quad, Universal Carrier, Jeep and Bedford. The Quad and Bedford had brought along two 25 pounders that gave a firing display in the afternoon. The sound of those guns firing must have woken half of Leigh from their post lunch slumbers. If you want to see the guns in action look at my video on YouTube

Feedback after the event was very positive and the event is very likely to be held in 2016.

Lytham Wartime Weekend

It's that time of year again that the Green in Lytham is handed over to military enthusiasts of various sorts to hold the annual Wartime Weekend. Military vehicles were separated into wartime and post war but the boundary between the two was very difficult to find. A large collection of vehicles of all sizes turned up to make up the display, many with additional display material to give the spectators something to see and talk about. The event was spread over two days with a road run of the wartime vehicles through Lytham and a battle each day. A meal and a few drinks each night help cement the social aspect of our club. Some ate out, others made use of a delivery service though it would probably have been quicker to walk as it was virtually around the corner.

The Lytham Spitfire crew are increasing their collection of planes. They now have two Spitfires for display, another Sptfire and a Hurricane being rebuilt in the hanger at Blackpool Airport that is itself being developed as an air museum. On the flight theme, the Loach and Huey of Phil Connolly flew in and spent the weekend on the Green much to the delight of many of the visitors.

To add to what I have reported, Ian Coats provided the following report "The 2015 Lytham 1940s Festival on August 15-16 was the most successful yet with over 40,000 visitors over the weekend, a great improvement over last year's 25,000, itself a record. We had around 70 military and civilian vehicles and over a dozen classic cars. Amongst the military vehicles were, along with the usual suspects, a Bren Carrier, a 25 pdr Field Gun, a White Half Track with quad 50 cals, an American Field Hospital, a Dingo Scout Car, and numerous other iconic items. A big attraction were the two Vietnam war helicopters, the Huey and Loach, their landings and take-offs brought a lump to the throat. The weather was perfect with low winds and warm sunshine and the Green was packed with visitors. Each day Kevin Robertson organised the parades through Lytham with wartime vehicles where the roads were lined with cheering people. This was only possible thanks to the stewards and motorcycle escorts who kept the crowds and traffic at a safe distance. The battles were themed on the Arnhem conflict and were a great success thanks to the participating re-enactors' groups. This event is becoming more popular year by year, the Green is a perfect venue being over 3 kms long and a few minutes from the town centre with its many shops, pubs, and restaurants. Military tents are camped on the Green itself and non military tents and campers are only 1 km away at the end of the Green. A big thank you to all those who brought their vehicles and displays, especially those who came from afar, some from deepest Yorkshire and beyond! Thanks must also go to Fylde Borough Council who host this event, behind the scenes is a mountain of work and effort along with a host of unsung heroes. Next year the event will be on August 13-14, be there or be Square, as they used to say..."

Thanks to Ian Coats and Kevin Robertson for co-ordinating the MV side of things with the council, and arranging the road run. Roll on next year.


A couple of pictures from Darwen pinched from Dave Salisbury's Facebook page.


Some photos pinched from Dave Salisbury's Facebook page.

Peak Rail

Some more photos pinched from Dave Salisbury's Facebook page.

Victory Show

Words and photos pinched from Dave Salisbury's Facebook page. "Though it was cold at night we had some good times Without a doubt this is the best 1940s air show. How those guys at the Victory Show keep making it better each year is a mystery Just Hard work! but you have to hand it to Steve and the gang another job well done."

Ye Horns Inn Beer festival

The annual beer festival was held at Ye Horns Inn, Goosnargh and our group just had to attend. As usual good food was had in the restaurant, and exceptional beer in the marquee. There were some thick heads on both Saturday and Sunday morning. The road run on Saturday was another marathon affair heading over the Trough of Bowland and heading for Yorkshire. We did not go quite as far as the Crank Up run, but it was a good one. This camping lark isn't all about driving the vehicles and haivng fun as Graham shows. Someone has to do the pots. Boyan though has got it sorted :-) I found a few photos and we have been given permission by Mark Culshaw to use some video of the campsite taken from a drone. Enjoy. (Move your cursor over the grey window, press the button in the middle of the window. Tablet and touch screen users will have to do the equivalent actions, or select to Download the video below the window.)

Download Video: Closed Format: "MP4"


Dave and Judy in Dave's Jeep and me and my dad in my LandRover set of early in the morning to Burtonwood Heritage Centre where the owners of Gulliver's World allowed a Stars and Stripes event to be held to remember the presence of the US Army Air Force, the US Air Force and US Army on what for many years was the Burtonwood air base. Very little remains of the airbase with most of the remains being knocked down in 2009. The show attracted vehicles of all sorts and sizes, including many classic US cars gleaming in chrome and shiny paint, quite a contrast to the green machines we are used to. Going further back in history a group of American Civil War re-enactors were camped on the field and living as they would back in the 1800s. They were even making their own bread. For those feeling energetic, Swing dancing was held in a marquee throughout the day. On a separate part of the site the RV Owners Club had a gathering of around 20 enormous US RVs. My dad got talking to one of the owners and before we knew it we had been invited in for a look around one of them. I know now why Keith Broome goes to events in his. They are a real home from home.

The Heritage Centre has a good collection of photos and memorabilia so is worth a visit.


Words and some photos pinched from Dave Salisbury's Facebook page. "Left Preston 0749 hr to go to Grassington 1940s event, first stop Dick Turpin's on the A 59 just past Gisburn. 4 Jeeps and Paul's Land Rover bacon buts all round and a mug of tea, then on to our destination. Parked up in the display field to be met by Ian Coates whose Jeep had died so he had arrived by car. A trip round the stalls then into town. Great atmosphere; Paul Harper sounding great. Back down to the bowling club for tea and scones. Then I borrowed two woods and had a game of bowls with one of the guys from Grassington. Came back home via Hetton, Airton, Hellifield, and Slaidburn (cup of tea and toilet stop). One of the Jeeps gave a Hang glider Pilot a lift back to Chipping who had just landed at the Cafe car park in Slaidburn. Then onto the Italian restaurant for our evening meal great day out."

I echo that, it was a good run out and an amazing show, but I must get a turbo fitted to the LandRover. It says something when a Jeep can leave you standing going up a hill :-(