Events (2013) pt 1

New Year Run - Longlands

Liz Russell organised a New Year meal at the Longlands Hotel in Carnforth for the first weekend of the New Year. As usual this was a well attended event with a record 58 people taking part. Runs were arranged from both the north and south of the area. The run from the south taking in Dunsop Bridge, and the Trough of Bowland. Everyone agreed the food was excellent and the company even better. Thanks to Dave Salisbury for some of the photos, and the others were provided by me. An extra celebration was Dave Fellowes' Birthday when Norman eventually got his revenge for similar embarrassment at the War & Peace show. Another embarrassment may have been the award of the Piston Broke award for the most breakdowns of an MVT vehicle for the previous 12 months. Dave Forshaw won this prize, carefully crafted by our resident engineering sculptor, Jon. Dave will retain this award for 12 months so keep your vehicles in good order or this could be you next year!. You have been warned. If there are any photos from the northern contingent, I'll add them to the site if you let me have copies.

London Excursion

Norman Callaghan arranged a trip to London for a few of our members. As a result of contacts in the system, a number of our members enjoyed first class travel including breakfast on the way out and evening meal on the way back. The day is best described by Dave Salisbury who sent in this report. "We set off from Preston at 0700 hrs. reaching London Euston at 0910 hrs. Having purchased our underground tickets from the guard on the train, then round the corner for a full breakfast £3-50 giving the commuters chance to clear the tube. Then it was off to Greenwich to the National Maritime Museum. We stayed in there till just before 1300 hrs. when we went to the Meridian building to watch the time signal. Then we set off to go round HMS Belfast passing on our way the Cutty Sark, a beautiful old ship. On the starboard side of the ship is the entrance to the Greenwich foot tunnel which we walked under to come out in front of Island Gardens station for the Docklands light Railway on which we travelled to HMS Belfast. We left the tube and waited for Dave to come up in the lift but unfortunately he did not arrive so we went to the pub to wait while "JONNY" waited outside the pub. They did turn up though they went out through a different exit. On reaching the ship, because there were ten of us, we bought a block booking ticket for £10 each. Having spent the afternoon on the ship we felt that a drink was in order so set off for the pub next to Euston station, thereby not having far to stagger to the train. The pub did a very good sausage and mash, but keep clear of the meat pies you could easily choke on them. We were met in the pub by Ian who had been up to Kew to check on his father's war record and Paul who had been to Hendon RAF museum. Every one had a good day thanks to Tanker Dave, once again, and Norman."


Weeton Barracks

Due to a chance meeting, Steve Flitcroft managed to arrange a weekend at the Army Barracks at Weeton. Around 15 vehicles were originally estimated to book in, however on the day around 40-45 finally arrived from bookings of just over 60. You always have one or two who don't turn up on the day. We were invited to use a field within the camp grounds for the vehicles and our tents, then use of the showers and bar facilities on site. Many arrived on Friday, set up camp and joined the families who remained behind while their soldier partners left for Afghanistan.

Waking up on Saturday morning to ice in the washing up bowl was a surprise, though it was very cold at night so it shouldn't have been too much of a surprise. Events had been arranged for Saturday to show the visitors from the camp some of the artefacts collected in the name of our hobby. Dave Salisbury and Frank & Angela Brown both had displays of weapons, while Boyan had a collection of memorabilia. Jim Ashcroft gave a display of sign writing and displayed a number of his pieces. The vehicles attracted a lot of attention, ranging from a WW1 Crossley lorry through Jeeps and other assorted WW2 vehicles to more modern Bedford and Leyland trucks. The run around the camp roads took place with the families joining us in the vehicles. This was a fairly long run through the housing quarters of the camp and onto the land used for training. It was here that Warwick Boulton from the Manchester Area was able to let his hair down in his 1957 French AMX-13 tank, sliding the tank through corners and performing the standing start speed trials against an FV180 Combat Engineer Tractor. A photo session was arranged with the camp commander, Pip Robinson from the MVT CoM, and a veteran from the D-Day landings. It also gave an opportunity for some Glamour photography.

Saturday night was dance night in the camp community centre where the beer flowed and the stew, provided at a cost of 2.00 per helping, went down very well. Jonny was "force fed" three helpings, apparently.

Sunday was a day to recover and just enjoy the fine weather. The tank boys had another play, downing another 70 worth of fuel in the AMX. We packed and left the field in slightly worse state than we arrived as the armoured and heavier vehicles tore up the surface a little. We're just helping prepare the ground for the new school to be built there, honestly. We hope to be allowed back at some point in time, either for a full weekend or for the day for a Fijian barbeque that will be prepared by one of the Fijian squaddies based there, providing clearance can be obtained, at least that is what was offered.

A separate page of photos can be found by clicking here as there was so much to see and such a range of vehicles, I didn't know which to add to this page.

Westmorland Country Fest

Held at Crookland near Carnforth, Ian Coats provided the following report (with a slight edit by the web master):

This was held on June 01 - 02 at Lane Farm Crooklands, near Milnthorpe. We were asked to come somewhat late so only Ian Coats and Paul with the Famous-Red-Jeep attended, some being at Turton Tower, and others enjoying the sun elsewhere. The show was a typical country affair with sheepdog trials, sheep shearing, animals on show, birds of prey, and of course the beer tent. The exotic burger stall did a roaring trade with zebra, ostrich, crocodile, and numerous other delights.

Camping was in the show behind the vehicle. All in all a good time was had by all and I have asked them to let us know earlier for next year

Scorton Steam Fair

Two days of sunshine and good company, what else could you ask for. Well a dry night on Friday might have helped, but beer tents and Jack Daniels soon made up for that. The plot allocated to the MVT was full for most of the weekend with some folks having stayed the full weekend and others calling in for the day visiting. The show was tremendous with stalls and marquees selling anything and everything. Entertainment was provided in a number of places with Monster Truck displays and lawn mower racing providing an alternative petrol head diversion to the static displays. There are several stories that I heard over the weekend that I can't print, but the culprits all know who they are. Food is a key element of most country shows and Scorton is no different. Burger bars were there of course but also Indian food and a Chinese Noodle bar added to the selection. Jonny Newbould admitted to making use of a late night discount at the Noodle bar where two boxes were to be had for £3. A great way to soak up the earlier liquid refreshment from the late night bar in the beer tent. Vehicles ranged from the smaller Jeeps to larger Bedford and Leyland trucks. In fact Darren Swann's Bedford won the best Military Vehicle Award. Altogether a great weekend.

Blackpool Veteran's Day Event

Once host to the original Veteran's week, Blackpool continues to mark this country wide event with a gathering of the modern day military and a few of our historic vehicles. St John's Square in the centre of Blackpool was the venue for this year's event. Three vehicles from our group were there, Steve and me with his M38A1, and Ian and Esther Wray with their WW2 Jeep and Russian Dneipr motorcycle and sidecar. We were joined later by Andy Minns with his Abbot SPG. Also on display were a mock up of a Hurricane and a Messerschmidt ME109 fighter planes, display tents from a number of military based charities and the Territorial Army. Our display included a collection for the Royal Air Force Benevolent Fund and raised a total of £196.19.

Our recruitment campaign got off to a good start with early interest being shown from two elements of the Armed Forces. The Navy and the Army both wanted to be part of our display, the only missing element was from the Air Force. Lots of interest was shown in our vehicles by the public who asked many questions, including a gent who was in Korea in the 50s and never saw an M38A1 there, arguing that they were too new and all Jeeps used were the WW2 versions. The official stories and photos on the internet say that WW2 Jeeps, M38 and M38A1s were used though the M38A1 was only used in a small number of locations. This could explain why he never saw them. It is discussions like this that make these gatherings interesting. Were other towns' celebrations as good as this? Let me know and send pictures.