Events (2012) pt 4

Turton Tower

A trial run was organised to Turton Tower near Bolton with the enthusiastic agreement of the manger of the Tower. Tony Lee invited the MVT, North West Collectors, and other re-enactors to a day at the Tower to see what the land offered in the way of hosting a weekend event next year. The day was a huge success with displays set up around the walks around the Tower and a handout for visitors to identify the key points of the displays. Around 20 military vehicles turned up ranging from smaller WW2 Jeeps to a larger fairly modern Leyland truck. The weather was perfect though the midges were out in force and I'm still itching several days later. Lessons were learnt by everyone; working out where to camp with tents, motorhomes and caravans, and working out catering arrangements for so many people by the catering franchise holder (ran out of bacon by about 11:00). It looks like an event will be arranged for 2013 though the date still needs to be finalised, as the manager was really pleased with the turnout and the public interest. Photos courtesy of Tony Lee, Dave Salisbury and Paul Higgins.

Poppy Appeal 2012

The crew turned out at the Kirkland and Catterall Community Centre to commemorate Remembrance Day. Luckily the rain came before the meet got under way and cleared for the duration of the main ceremony. A speech was given by Jonny Newbould to remember the fallen, and also those within the MVT that we had lost during the year. The usual pie and peas were on hand to warm the brave.