Events (2004)

20th March - 1940s Dance

Amid tight security....

The Inskip Militia presented a 1940s dance at Fulwood Conservative Club, Preston.. Many of the group attended this bash with their other halves, some willing, some reluctant, to enjoy a chat and listen to music from the 40s provided by DJ "Hep Cat Mike". Live music was performed by "Desperate Measures" who provided a mix of 40s and later music and song. Two of the band members are from our own MVT group, John providing a solid bass rift throughout the evening, and Martin providing lead guitar accompaniment.

The numbers at the event were swelled by members of the West Lancashire Group.

Despite early misgivings, some of the members partners really enjoyed themselves, entering into the spirit of the event by dressing in uniform, and joining in the dancing. (You know who I mean, don't you Lynn?). Although others, like Sue, who willingly enter into the spirit of these events, had to withdraw through embarrassment when her skirt split. (Sorry I do not have a picture.)

A raffle was held at the end of the evening with prizes ranging from ammo boxes to a ladies heated hair curler. The combined cooker and pan caused several minutes of entertainment for a group of our ladies as they pulled it apart and tried to put it back together again. Having said that, I think the ladies did us proud in dressing the part and not complaining, so here are some more serious photos of them; some they should be proud of. The raffle raised 100 for our area.

Just to prove the Brits were there as well as the Yanks, here's Jon and co in their attire.

28th March - Malvern

From the various parts of the North West that make up our group, enthusiast made their way to Malvern to attend the Militaria fair there. One group went via the RAF Cosforth museum which is free to enter and features mainly aircraft, but also a few vehicles including a Crossley Fire engine and a Land Rover that was probably used by the Queen for ceremonial duties. The glass surround at the back of the vehicle gives the clues. Bob bought some of his canvas for his restoration (see elsewhere on this site).

10-11th April - Farmer Parr's Vintage Rally

A number of our group braved the cold and camped at Farmer Parr's near Fleetwood to take place in this annual display of vehicles and industrial engines. A display was set up comprising  6 vehicles and a host of military equipment. The local paper, the Blackpool Gazette, attended and took pictures. The one below has been copied from there. It shows Susannah lining up the Milan missile launcher on Steve and Susannah's Hotchkiss.

11-12th April Crich Tram Museum

A number of our group attended the April Crich Tram Museum Countdown to D Day weekend. It appears even the military have to wait for trams to pass, helped by the dispatch riders. Details are a little sparse at the moment but more will be added later.

24-25th April Hamilton Hall Autojumble

Why mention an autojumble as a major place to visit? Well this autojumble, held near the village of St Michaels, is a two day event selling military and 4x4 parts. A number of our group pitched tents and stayed overnight. On the Sunday there was a turn out of probably 20-25 military vehicles from Jeeps to a tank (don't know what kind as it was arriving as I left so I could not see it very well). Other more unusual vehicles included a Ketterkrad, a Volvo Sugger, and Lewis's Luaz. They all created a lot of interest to the passers-by. Shame I did not have my camera!

7-9th May Haworth 40s Weekend

Nero fiddled while Rome burned, while our Bob played the accordion as Haworth put on a 40s extravaganza. Having played the accordion in the shop, Bob did buy it and has vowed to take it with him to Normandy at the end of May.

Haworth turned its famous cobbled street into a scene from the wartime with windows taped up and mock air raid shelters built under narrow alleyways. The pubs and cafes offered a taste of the period with Spam fritters, and Corned Beef Hash pies. Entertainment was provided throughout the weekend with a mix of brass bands, a pipe band and music of the era played in the pubs. Children walked the street with gas mask boxes, mixing with the likes of Winston Churchill.

The highlight for the military vehicle enthusiasts is the drive down the cobbled street and the attention  paid to the vehicles by the crowd, and what crowds there were on both the Saturday and Sunday afternoons. But why do people stand in the middle of the road when a rumbling Dodge ambulance with siren blaring comes up behind them, then look at you as though you were the last thing they expected to see? Normandy 44 group ( brought their half tracks which we were able to inspect close up as we were staying at the same camp as they were.

7-9th May Inskip Crank up

Inskip Junior school was the venue for the groups crank up meeting. This is a regular event attended by the group which started as a Spring fair at which static engines were displayed. One year, one of our group took his Jeep along and such was the interest he was asked back next year with a request to bring more. Now several vehicles attend and this year helped to raise 2100 for the school.